ID #: 34
Last Name Maker: Collins
Full Name Maker: Alex Collins
Title: Alex Collins - Small Game Knife
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Description: MINT, RARE Alex Collins Small Game Knife, All the Bells and Whistles, Fancy Tooled leather Boot or Belt sheath that came with knife--also MINT. Alex Collins was without doubt the most famous Afro American knife maker ever and a Legend in the Knife Making Industry. He lived in California and the name of his company was "KKK". Interesting name for the times. He was most prolific in the 1970-1990" and passed away in the early 2000's. He was a protégé, worked with and for John Nelson Cooper--one of the original 12 founders of the Knife Makers Guild in the USA. Alex made all of his knives free hand--no automated equipt. He start with a piece of steel and let his imagination guide him and each of his knives was a ONE OFF PIECE! He also made pieces for the Movie industry, his most famous piece is probably the Hook Hand he made for Captain Hook in the original Peter Pan Movie. That piece is well documented. This Unusual small game knife is 7 3/4"OAL with a 4"BL. It has a sharpened hook on the top of the blade near the tip for removing bird legs, etc, thumb grooves on the top of the blade and serrated sharp teeth near the handle also for removing small game and bird legs. The scales on the right side of the handle are green Micarta and are secured to the full tang with 2 brass pins, there is a white liner between the scales and tang. The scales on the left side of the handle are beautiful Ivory Micarta and are attached to the full tang with 2 brass pins, there is a black liner between the Ivory Micarta scales and full tang. The sheath was made by Alex Collins for this knife, it is mint and features tool work on the front. It is a boot or belt sheath
Blade Type: fixed
Date Acquired: February 21, 2016
Sheath?: yes
tagged?: yes