ID #: 520
Last Name Maker: Bawidamann (FAKE?)
Full Name Maker: Bawidamann (FAKE?)
Title: FAKE??? Bawidamann Karambit Indonesian knife self-defense Tactical Survival Hunting tool
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Item Description

Karambit - Indonesian knife for self-defense

Karambit is a small knife with a curved blade and handle, ending circle in which slides a finger. Be the first began to be used Minangkabau people, living in western Sumatra, and the shape of the blade was due to the inspiration of big cats claws. Initially, it was used as a farming tool, but modified Karambit with a curved blade harder it began to be used - eg in the Philippines - also as a weapon. Karambit is considered to be the most effective tool for self-defense.


Bawidamann knife

Model: C34

Condition: New

Length: 21cm

Blade Length: 12cm

Blade Thickness: 4mm

Blade material: 440C

Hardness: 56-58HRC

Handle covered with natural leather

Include sheath

Sheath material: 100% natural leather

Highest quality !!!

Film showing possibilities Karambit knife:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi7TPa1eQ8w

Blade Type: fixed
Date Acquired: October 6, 2018
Sheath?: yes
tagged?: yes