ID #: 60
Last Name Maker: Appleby
Full Name Maker: Bob Appleby
Title: Bob Appleby - Bird & Trout Neck/Belt knife, Oosic Scales, 2 sheaths (magnetic)
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Description: Bob Appleby has been making knives since 1995. His knives are so sought after, he is also sold out and no longer taking orders. Once you see this knife in hand you will understand why his work is so sought after. The knife is 5"OAL with a razor sharp 2.5"BL. D-2 steel. Razor sharp"Appleby" is stamped on the left side of the blade, my hand shook when I took the picture of the stamp, it is very clear. Amazing file work that starts on the top of the blade and goes completely around the handle. Oosic scales(bone from a Walrus penis) that are secured to the full tang with 2 nickel silver pins. Also has an integral thong hole where the neck lanyard goes through The neck sheath is absolutely amazing. It is heavy leather with a magnet with tremendous power imbedded in the leather. I will guarantee you this knife will not fall off if you decide to wear it around your neck. Also comes with a mint cape water buffalo leather sheath for your belt. This is without doubt the finest Bird & Trout knife I have ever seen. No wonder he is sold out
Blade Type: fixed
Date Acquired: June 21, 2015
Sheath?: yes
tagged?: yes