ID #: 759
Last Name Maker: Boye
Full Name Maker: David Boye
Title: Vintage Custom David Boye Basic 1 Drop-Point Knife Hand Etched by Maker
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handmade custom Boye Basic 1 knife. This is NOT a production knife. I used to do woodcarvings and have always liked knives. I was particularly interested in David Boye after reading an article about him in one of the knife magazines in the late eighties and later purchased his book on step-by-step knifemaking. In the the nineties my wife tracked his information down and spoke with him on the phone. He was kind enough to help her out and after a brief conversation arrived at the idea that the Basic 1 knife would be a good carry knife for me. He had recently made some and she bought the knife for me as a gift that year.

The knife does not have a factory stamp or embossment ornamentation. It was personally hand-signed by the maker, using a simple etching tool and one word, "Boye."

The knife has been carried a few times but never used and is in like-new condition, save any marks from removal and replacement from and to the sheath. There is a small blemish on the outer corner of the handle, and it was there when I got it. The original sheath with the brass liner still looks great.

This knife is from my personal collection which I'm downsizing, and the only reason I'm letting it go is because I have rather large hands, and this is a smaller unit.

Collectors are familiar with David Boye, and I have a ton of respect for his artistry and astounding grasp of metallurgy. (He originated the term "dendritic" to describe the process involved in turning cast steel into a fine, micro-serrated cutting edge. The knowledge that this knife was once part of an old sawmill circular blade only makes it more appealing to me.

The blade is 2.25" long and the knife is 5" overall.

Blade Type: fixed
Date Acquired: November 15, 2019
Sheath?: no
tagged?: yes