ID #: 785
Last Name Maker: Blacker
Full Name Maker: J. Blacker
Title: Handmade Knife Custom Knife J. Blacker Beautiful
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Description: Beautiful Handmade Custom Knife by J. Blacker. 9 inches long overall with 4.75 inch blade. 5/32 inch thick. 1095 high carbon steel. Differential heat treat. Soldered copper guard. Stabilized spalted blackline maple handle scales. Black pins and spacer. Spine jimping for grip. Includes a handmade full grain leather sheath with pull the dot snap and tiger thread. Blade features a true hamon and some beautiful alloy banding wich is a rare treat. I like the alloy banding on this particular knife but for the most part i do not like it on my knives because i did not put it their. Some makers loves and and try to recreate it, personal preferance i suppose. But it looks great with the spalted maple. And only 3 or 4 of my knives have ever had it. A truly handmade , high quality knife made by a craftsman, outdoorsman, and warrior. A beautiful knife that will last generations if cared for.
Blade Type: fixed
Date Acquired: December 31, 2019
Sheath?: yes
tagged?: yes